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My name is Barbara Hass and I am a cancer survivor, an advocate for chemotherapy patients and founder of which offers soft headwear for people dealing with cancer chemo hair loss.  Thanks for visitng and please feel free to comment on my blog, or contact me if you have questions about headwear for chemotherapy hair loss.

Understanding Cancer Hair Loss: What to Expect

Many women believe that all cancer-related hair loss is created equal, but it really depends on which drug you are taking.  The amount of time it takes for your hair to fall out and grow back in again really depends on the type of treatment you receive.

Before you select a cancer hat, cancer wig, or chemotherapy scarf, learn more adderall information website about what to expect from your cancer treatment.


Cancer headscarves and hats can help you look great while your hair grows back

chemotherapy hat head scarvesLosing your hair due to chemotherapy treatments can be a traumatic event, especially for women; but even when hair begins to grow back its effects can still linger.  Many women find that the hair that grows in is not the same hair that they lost.  Not only is it often a different texture, it also grows in slowly and takes a while to become manageable.  So what does one do in the meantime?

Once cancer treatments end, it usually takes at least two weeks for hair growth to begin, and it can be a month before hair begins to grow at its normal speed.  This means it could take anywhere from 3 to 6 months before hair is manageable enough to be styled.


Cancer Hats, Chemotherapy Scarves, and other Must-Haves for the Cancer Patient

cancer wigIf you are facing a future of cancer treatment, there are many ways to make yourself feel better about it.  Despite the fact that most cancer therapy results in hair loss, today there are sevarl options available to keep you looking your best.  In addition to the traditional chemotherapy wig, women can choose from a selection of fashionable cancer hats and other cancer headcovers for all seasons.

What are the essential purchases that cancer patients should consider?  Here is a list of what many women consider “must-haves.”


Dealing with Hair Loss due to Cancer Therapy

cancer_wig.2For some women, the thought of wearing a chemotherapy hat or cancer wig might be scarier than the starting cancer treatments. The truth is, most people think very little about hair loss until they are going through it.  When faced with the prospect of hair loss due to chemotherapy, patients often ask if anything can be done to prevent it, but unfortunately there is nothing that can stop hair loss with certain chemo drugs.

The total amount of hair loss will depend on the dose of radiation and chemotherapy and how it is administered.  If you are only receiving radiation treatments on other parts of the body and no chemotherapy, you should not expect the hair on your scalp to fall out, but most people with cancer do receive some form of chemotherapy.

Here are some things you can do prepare for eventual hair loss:


How to feel better about wearing your new Cancer Wig

When faced with the prospect of the temporary hair loss caused by chemotherapy, many women have a hard time feeling confident about their looks.  Even after purchasing a cancer wig or scarf, the prospect of going out in public and feeling “normal” is daunting.  Your choice of chemotherapy wig or scarf may be a decision you labor over for weeks, but eventually every woman finds one that suits their personal style.  One would expect that after this decision is made, women would feel relieved; but when it comes time to wear your wig for the first time a whole other set of questions crop up.


No More Bad Hair Days with your new Chemotherapy Wig

chemotherapy wig hats

If you are facing rapid hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments, it may be difficult to see anything positive in the situation.  After all, a woman’s hair is her “crowning glory”, and the thought of wearing a headscarf or chemotherapy wig may not sit well with you.  These tips will help you look at your cancer wig in a more positive light.  You may even be delighted with the compliments you receive.

Choosing a color for your chemotherapy wig should be quite simple.  Just stay as close as possible to your natural color; this probably isn’t the time to start experimenting with dramatic new shades, but you might want to try a slight change in color without subjecting yourself to an expensive salon color treatment.

Here are some tips to ensure your chemotherapy wig looks its best:


Tips for Buying Chemotherapy Wigs

When faced with hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments, many women choose to buy at least one wig, even if they plan on wearing cancer scarves or hats most of the time.  Even though your hair is certain to grow back after treatment, it may not be the same color or texture as it was before.


Add a Turban Pad to Your Cancer Headwear for added confidence


Most women spend so much time looking for the perfect scarf fabric or stylish hat that they forget one very important thing. When choosing a cancer hat or cancer scarf, you will need to look for one with a little added bulk on the crown.

Once a woman loses a significant amount of hair, some hats and scarves will feel too bulky.  This is because most women are accustomed to having the added height of a full head of hair.  Some women are disappointed when they try on cancer scarves and hats, because they think their head looks too flat. This is especially true if you have a small forehead to begin with.


How to Choose the Best Cancer Hat

best cancer hatBefore you select a cancer hat or collection of hats, it is important to know what you want.  The following are some basic guidelines to help you choose the right cancer headwear, keeping in mind your personal style and wardrobe.

Going through cancer treatment is stressful enough, but when you start losing your hair it can become even more traumatic.  No matter how prepared you think you are for this eventuality, it is still can be very difficult – especially for women.

In the past, when women lost their hair due to chemotherapy, the only option was to go out and buy a wig.  But today’s women are getting more creative, and wigs are no longer the only option.

Before you go out and buy just any cancer hat, here is a collection of advice from other women who have experienced hair loss.


Cancer scarves are becoming the headcover of choice for many women

There are many symptoms and side effects to cancer treatment that can affect your body and self-image, but none are more devastating to women than hair loss.  But despite feeling weak, different, less energetic than usual, and working through the uncertainty of your illness, many women find themselves looking for a way to feel good about the way the look.  If you are looking for a cancer headwear that will look fashionable without calling too much attention to your condition, then your ideal cancer headcover may be a scarf.  More and more women are opting for a selection of chemotherapy scarves, rather than wearing a wig, because they are much easier to wear and allow for a more personalized expression of their individual style.


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