Chemotherapy Benefit

In addition to quantifying breast cancer recurrence risk, Oncotype DX also assesses the benefit from chemotherapy.1 While adjuvant chemotherapy is an important part of the care of breast cancer patients, a major challenge in oncology has been to better define the risk/benefit ratio for candidates of adjuvant chemotherapy. By characterizing an individual's risk of recurrence and responsiveness to treatment, Oncotype DX can provide physicians with the information they need to develop a treatment plan tailored to the individual patient. The ability of the Oncotype DX assay to predict the treatment benefit in breast cancer was demonstrated in a study of 651 eligible patients from the tamoxifen alone arm (n = 227) and tamoxifen plus chemotherapy treatment arm (CMF/MF) (n = 424) of NSABP Study B-20. Results showed that the Recurrence Score (RS) is a significant predictor of chemotherapy benefit (p-value for interaction = 0.038) and that not all patients benefit equally from chemotherapy: * Patients with tumors that had low Recurrence Scores (RS < 18) derived minimal, or no benefit from chemotherapy * Patients with tumors that had high Recurrence Scores (RS > 31) had a large absolute benefit from chemotherapy 1The data on chemotherapy benefit is derived from the NSABP Study B-20 which compared hormonal therapy alone versus CMF based chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. NOTE: This article was written up on the Genomic Health site

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