Can Chemotherapy be Avoided?

cancer hair lossOther than the word cancer, the word chemotherapy is perhaps one of the scariest words in the English language.  While chemotherapy is commonly associated with cancer hair loss and uncomfortable side effects, chemotherapy is still the most common forms of cancer treatment.  Hair loss, pain, loss of energy and nausea are just a few of the symptoms that chemotherapy patients complain about, but hair loss is one of the most noticeable signs of chemotherapy treatment, and it can be particularly devastating for women.

Is it possible to avoid the need for chemotherapy during cancer treatment?

Before deciding if alternative cancer treatment therapies are an option, you will first need to consult with your oncologist.  Since many remedies, such as IPT, or Insulin Potentiating Therapy, are gaining traction in the medical community, alternative forms of cancer treatment may be available to you.  IPT does involve a certain amount of chemotherapy but it is only about 10% of the normal dosage.  This may result in a safer and more effective cancer treatment plan without all the damaging side effects.

The concept of using IPT as a form of cancer treatment is based upon the concept that cancer cells are similar to the cells of a diabetic, in that they both feed on sugar.  By “tempting” the cancer cells with insulin, the cells open up; but instead of sugar they are given a dose of chemotherapy.

Depending on how well your body responds to this form of therapy, IPT could be an effective way to avoid complete cancer hair loss.  However, since you may experience some degree of hair loss, it is smart to be prepared for cancer hair loss by doing some prelimiary shopping around for soft chemotherapy scarf or cancer hat.

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