The Cancer Volunteer - Why the World Needs More

There are several organizations that aim to help those with cancer in one way or another. Just about every one of them is a non profit organization. While this doesn't mean that they're unprofessional - far from it - it does mean that they rely solely on the goodwill and help that people give them, apart from whatever government grants they can garner.

Being a cancer volunteer helps not only those who directly benefit from the help, but also those who take the time out to help others. Research has conclusively shown that there are several health benefits - both physical as well as psychological - to selflessly helping others on a regular basis.

By volunteering to help those in need, you are contributing significantly to those who need help and will reap the benefits.

There are many different ways you can help cancer patients. The exact means will depend on what sort of programs the organization or society has. In an informal group, there are many different ways this can happen.

To give you an example of the innovative ways in which people help cancer patients, five prison inmates in  The Maryland Division of Correction recently sowed 400 bright pillowcases for children in the cancer divisions of hospitals.

In one of our earlier articles, we demonstrated how people can donate hair to cancer patients in order to make beautiful wigs for them. Other cancer societies have instituted programs that allow you to drive cancer patients to and fro from their homes to the hospitals for regular treatment - something that can be very difficult unaided.

Another indirect means by which you can help out, is by signing up for Cancer Prevention Studies (CPS). These involve allowing yourself to be used as a test subject to probe your habits and lifestyles in order to more accurately identify the hidden causes of cancer after gleaning data from a large number of people.

For example, the CPS program helped establish the link between cancer and smoking in the 1960s which has been responsible for a great deal of public awareness about the issue.

There are numerous organizations that help with cancer and accept volunteers. A quick search of Google will help you identify some that are in your area. Well known societies are the American Cancer Society (ACS) as well as the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Visit their websites and sign up as a member to experience the joy of giving. You won't regret it.

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"Just a thank you for all your care & efforts to help me during a very difficult time.

You are definitely on our “A” list. Would recommend you to the highest degree."

- JoAnn C.

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