Chemotherapy Hair Loss Prevention - Is It Necessary?

By Tim Bock Hair loss during chemotherapy treatments is almost an inevitable. If treatments go on long enough, the likelihood of you losing your hair is greater than the likelihood of you not losing your hair, and unfortunately that is something that just happens to be accepted. In some instances, chemotherapy hair loss prevention is an option. For shorter treatments, there are ways to try and stimulate the growth of the hair follicles, but in most cases chemotherapy hair loss prevention is better translated into other options. As hard as it may be on the self esteem, think of the loss of your hair due to chemotherapy treatments as a new opportunity. Many times, it is better to consider alternatives to chemotherapy hair loss prevention. Hair pieces are a great thing for chemotherapy patients, as they are a great experiment. Use that time to consider the possibilities; many times after hair grows back from chemotherapy treatments, it grows in a different color or a different texture than it was before it fell out. That is exciting for some people, and it tends to make up part of the horrible experience of losing the hair in the first place. At that time, chemotherapy hair loss prevention is not an option anymore, and it is no longer necessary. Scarves are also a popular option in lieu of chemotherapy hair loss prevention. They come in different colors and styles, and can be made to add a flair to any outfit; this can help to boost self esteem so losing the hair turns out not to be so bad after all. For more hair loss prevention tips, please visit: Hair Loss Solutions a website that specializes in hair loss and chemotherapy Article Source:

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"Dear Ms. Haas,

I just wanted to thank you for what you have done for my mother. Although I am only 15 I know that it would upset me a lot to have to shop for wigs and hats when they are so hard to find. By starting your company it has really helped my mom. (She has/is fighting cancer for the 3 rd time and just recently lost her hair due to chemo for the 2 nd time.) She found out about your company through the hospital she has had her treatments at. She really loves all your products and finds them all a more comfortable alternative to wigs. They are all very stylish too! Thank You so much."


- Lauren S.