Chemo Headwear for Hard Times

When we first started Chemo Savvy, our 'tag line' was "Headwear for Hardtimes". Being a breast cancer and releated treatment survivor, I knew this was the hardest time I had ever been through. After a few years we changed that tag line because it offended a couple of nurses and they refused to put out the catalogs because of it. I never heard any complaints from actual cancer patients, but a couple of nurses thought it was cruel or something. I resisted changing it because I liked it, it was true and there were only 2 complaints after all. But after awhile I thought I was being as petty as I perceived these 2 nurses to be, and while I thought it was arrogant for these nurses to deny patients the opportunity to find some headwear, I realized I was being just as arrogant in my opinion, so I changed it. Today I talked to a woman who was definitely having a hard time. She's a single mom with high stage III breast cancer. About 6 months ago she found out that her young daughter had diabetes which requires insulin injections. So she was still coming to grips with this and she gets slammed with the breast cancer news! Like about 98% of the women I talk to that call to order headwear, she was extremely pleasant, upbeat and had a great attitude. She thanked me for having such great headwear, not just "old lady" stuff and she thought the prices were great. She said this was the hardest time she had ever been through (and she had only had 1 chemo treatment, so she is just starting!) and SHE made My day!! It really makes me feel good when I talk to someone like her, and like I said above, 98% of our customers are like that. Unfortunately, that other 2% can make me feel so bad - this is not just a business to me, it's a passion and I have a huge emotional stake in it. I talked with a woman last Friday who was having a terrible reaction to a drug she was getting, and it made her scalp so itchy she couldn't sleep and it hurt to scratch it. She was really miserable and called to order Brian Joseph's Formula 1 shampoo. It was late in the afternoon and the day's shipment had already gone out. I told her it would be shipped Monday, and I could just hear the anguish in her voice, so I told her I could go to the post office Saturday morning and that would get it to her quicker. She got it on Monday and called me on Tuesday to say that she had used it and gotten the first good sleep she'd had in months. I love (most of) my customers!!!

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"Thank you for your assistance and high quality products and attentiveness. I have to admit, I have dealt with some other shops I found on the net and was appalled at their quality and misrepresentation of their products. You by contrast were better than one could possibly imagine in service and quality. Thank you!"

- Pat G.

New York