Hats for Chemotherapy Patients

Many Women Find Wearing Caps for Chemo More Sensible Than Wigs

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 650,000 Americans will receive chemothecaps_chemorapy treatments this year.  Along with other unpleasant side effects, many of these patients will also face the loss of their hair.  While the impact of this is felt by both men and women, women find it the most devastating effect of cancer treatment.

If you are a woman facing chemotherapy treatments, you are probably wondering what you will do once you start to lose your hair.  While your oncologist might recommend shopping for a wig, many women find caps for chemo are a lot more convenient and comfortable to wear.  Chemo caps are often hand-knitted, making them extremely soft and easy to wear.  Even if you do choose a wig, owning a few cozy caps for chemotherapy is still a wise investment.

In addition to a variety of caps, chemo patients often find it helps to have other head coverings on hand, such as turbans and wigs, but many end up wearing a chemo cap most of the time.  Losing your hair due to chemotherapy can do more than change the way you look.  Most cancer patients find they lose a lot of body heat through their head, so it helps to have a few chemo caps to wear at home.  There are also special chemotherapy caps that women wear when they are sleeping.

After spending some time browsing the Internet for “caps for chemo patients” you will find there are several different styles available in various price ranges.  Here are a few of the most popular caps for chemo patients.

  • The Charisma  Cap from Betmar is a warm wool blend skull cap that has an angora edge and an utterly feminine look.
  • The Metallic Meteor gives the chemo cap a dressed-up look by using metallic pom-pom yarn, as well as 47% lambswool and 23% nylon yarn for added comfort. 
  • The Chemo Cheery Cap is made with brilliantly colored eyelash yarn, which adds bursts of texture to the traditional skull cap shape.

All three of these comfortable caps for chemo are available at Chemosavvy.com, a reasonably priced e-commerce site that specializes in headwear and wigs for chemotherapy patients.


How to Choose the Best Cancer Hat

best cancer hatBefore you select a cancer hat or collection of hats, it is important to know what you want.  The following are some basic guidelines to help you choose the right cancer headwear, keeping in mind your personal style and wardrobe.

Going through cancer treatment is stressful enough, but when you start losing your hair it can become even more traumatic.  No matter how prepared you think you are for this eventuality, it is still can be very difficult – especially for women.

In the past, when women lost their hair due to chemotherapy, the only option was to go out and buy a wig.  But today’s women are getting more creative, and wigs are no longer the only option.

Before you go out and buy just any cancer hat, here is a collection of advice from other women who have experienced hair loss.


Vitamins for Hair Loss - Nutrition Basics

Where there are many reasons for female hair loss - some of them beyond your control - there are certain basics that must be adhered to in order to allow the body to grow hair to it's maximum potential. The old adage "You are what you eat" - holds true in the case of your hair. Vitamins for hair loss are one of the ways by which you can help yourself.


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"Thank you so much for having such nice wigs, I just love the wig you sent to me, as it gives me such a much more confident feeling.

I felt all the feminine things go out of my life when I lost all my hair to chemo… it feels so degrading to me, that I won’t even let my husband see me without my head being covered, but that’s just my own feelings and pride.

I took my wig to my hairdresser that has been doing my hair for almost thirty years, and had her style and trim it for me, she was very impressed with the quality of this particular wig, and said it was a very good choice for me.

The “Annie Scarf” is a winner too…keeping everything covered…very important to me.

So thank you so much for making me feel so much better about myself, and I will also let anyone else that I know with hair loss problems about your wonderful head wear.

I am so very pleased with your very prompt and personal service, my life is starting to get back on track.

I cannot “Thank You” enough."

- Jan Y.