H005 Desert Wrap


The ball cap type bill is attached to a 100% cotton scarf.
[Product Details...]

H020 Wraparound Turban

You Save: 75.00%

A softer look is created by donning a versatile wraparound turban made of poly-knit cotton.
[Product Details...]

H107 Lace Headwrap


This delicate wrap was inspired by French lace.
[Product Details...]

H126 Cotton Gauze Headwrap


'Fine gauze wrap-around tie scarf.
[Product Details...]

H185 It's A Wrap


Pair this head wrap with the B14 Hat Magic, or either of the B03 Hair Secrets for a chic casual style.
[Product Details...]

H211 Convertable


This 100% cotton hat converts from a billed head wrap to a visor.
[Product Details...]

H220 Turban-n-Wrap


This 2 piece hat is made of 98% cotton with 2% Lycra for a great fit.
[Product Details...]

H229 Tubular Scarf


A Chemo Savvy exclusive, this scarf is very interesting and a great transitional piece when your hair is coming back.
[Product Details...]

S011 Eyelet Pre-Tied Scarf


Slip on this comfy scarf in a jiffy.
[Product Details...]

S013 Ultimate Bandana

You Save: 50.00%

Cut and sewn to make wearing a scarf a breeze.
[Product Details...]

S014 Paris Scarf


A soft, easy and fun classic look.
[Product Details...]

S015 Annie Scarf

You Save: 50.00%

A comfortable sporty full coverage 100% cotton scarf.
[Product Details...]

S017 Velour Scarf

You Save: 50.00%

A velour pre-tied scarf.
[Product Details...]

S018 Silk Scarf


100% imported silk scarves make a dramatic fashion statement.
[Product Details...]

S019 Tie and Go


This cotton scarf is already shaped and sewn to be ready to wear.
[Product Details...]

S020 Floral Headwrap


This polyester headwrap gives full coverage.
[Product Details...]

S021 Cotton Scarf


'These 30" x 30" scarves are hand-printed with beautiful borders on 100% cotton voile.
[Product Details...]

S022 Removable Bill Wrap


A great combination of scarf and cap.
[Product Details...]

S023 Crepery


These 36" x 36" scarves are a heavy weight 100% nylon fabric with a crepe-like feel.
[Product Details...]

S025 Headwrap With Beads


This rayon headwrap has a gauze-like texture and is light and elegant.
[Product Details...]

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