H005 Desert Wrap


The ball cap type bill is attached to a 100% cotton scarf.
[Product Details...]

H020 Wraparound Turban


A softer look is created by donning a versatile wraparound turban made of poly-knit cotton.
[Product Details...]

H097 Cotton Head Wrap


Casual cotton head wrap
[Product Details...]

H107 Lace Headwrap


This delicate wrap was inspired by French lace.
[Product Details...]

H126 Cotton Gauze Headwrap


'Fine gauze wrap-around tie scarf.
[Product Details...]

H185 It's A Wrap


Pair this head wrap with the B14 Hat Magic, or either of the B03 Hair Secrets for a chic casual style.
[Product Details...]

H211 Convertable


This 100% cotton hat converts from a billed head wrap to a visor.
[Product Details...]

H220 Turban-n-Wrap


This 2 piece hat is made of 98% cotton with 2% Lycra for a great fit.
[Product Details...]

H229 Tubular Scarf


A Chemo Savvy exclusive, this scarf is very interesting and a great transitional piece when your hair is coming back.
[Product Details...]

S011 Eyelet Pre-Tied Scarf


Slip on this comfy scarf in a jiffy.
[Product Details...]

S013 Ultimate Bandana

You Save: 40.00%

Cut and sewn to make wearing a scarf a breeze.
[Product Details...]

S014 Paris Scarf


A soft, easy and fun classic look.
[Product Details...]

S015 Annie Scarf


A comfortable sporty full coverage 100% cotton scarf.
[Product Details...]

S017 Velour Scarf


A velour pre-tied scarf.
[Product Details...]

S018 Silk Scarf


100% imported silk scarves make a dramatic fashion statement.
[Product Details...]

S019 Tie and Go


This cotton scarf is already shaped and sewn to be ready to wear.
[Product Details...]

S020 Floral Headwrap


This polyester headwrap gives full coverage.
[Product Details...]

S021 Cotton Scarf


'These 30" x 30" scarves are hand-printed with beautiful borders on 100% cotton voile.
[Product Details...]

S022 Removable Bill Wrap


A great combination of scarf and cap.
[Product Details...]

S023 Crepery


These 36" x 36" scarves are a heavy weight 100% nylon fabric with a crepe-like feel.
[Product Details...]

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"Thank you so much for having such nice wigs, I just love the wig you sent to me, as it gives me such a much more confident feeling.

I felt all the feminine things go out of my life when I lost all my hair to chemo… it feels so degrading to me, that I won’t even let my husband see me without my head being covered, but that’s just my own feelings and pride.

I took my wig to my hairdresser that has been doing my hair for almost thirty years, and had her style and trim it for me, she was very impressed with the quality of this particular wig, and said it was a very good choice for me.

The “Annie Scarf” is a winner too…keeping everything covered…very important to me.

So thank you so much for making me feel so much better about myself, and I will also let anyone else that I know with hair loss problems about your wonderful head wear.

I am so very pleased with your very prompt and personal service, my life is starting to get back on track.

I cannot “Thank You” enough."

- Jan Y.





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