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Chemo Savvy wants you to be completely satisfied with your order. We understand that an item may not be the right color, size or style. Sometimes it "just isn't you". We will ship the first exchange of an eligible* item, via USPS Priority Mail, at no additional shipping cost to you. Try the item on. Make sure it suits you. If it doesn't, please return it for a refund*, credit or exchange. However, please remember, it must be returned in 'like new' condition.

Chemo Savvy expects that you will examine your new items for color, style and quality. We also expect that you will try the items on for fit. However, until you decide to keep the item some common sense rules apply: You must not modify the item in any way. It should remain in an unused new condition. We suggest that you remove your makeup and perfume before trying any item on. If you smoke, the item may acquire the smell of smoke. Do not remove any tags or labels. Soiled or damaged items cannot be returned. Items that have acquired any odors such as perfume or smoke cannot be returned. Do not comb, style, spray, wash or modify, in any way, a wig or hairpiece until you decide to keep it. Do not tape, mar or use a wig box as a shipping box. Note: Some items (e.g. liquids and brushes) are NON-RETURNABLE. See the eligibility lists below.


An eligible* item can be returned within 10 days of receipt** of your order.

*Headwear, Support Item & Care Item Return Eligibility:

Hats, Caps, Scarves, Turbans, Headbands, Cancer Support Items & Returnable Care Items may be returned within 10 days of receipt** of item for EXCHANGE, REFUND OR STORE CREDIT.

*Jon Renau Wig & Hairpiece Return Eligibility:

All Jon Renau items may be returned within 10 days of receipt** of the item for EXCHANGE OR STORE CREDIT.

*Aspen, Dream USA & Imagination Wig & Hairpiece Return Eligibility:

All Aspen, Dream USA & Imagination wigs & hairpieces may be returned within 10 days of receipt** of the item for EXCHANGE, REFUND OR STORE CREDIT.


** The Date of Receipt of your order is determined by the tracking information provided by the various delivery services. The 10 day return limit begins with that date. An item returned later than 10 days from that date will be charged a $30.00 restock fee.


The following fees may be charged on an order:

Shipping Fees

Chemo Savvy will pay postage on the first exchange on an order. Customer pays all subsequent postage on an order.

Late Return Fees

An eligible item returned later than 10 days from the Date of Receipt will be charged a $30.00 restock fee.

Wig Box Fees

A $10.00 fee will be charged for wig boxes that are returned in damaged condition or that are used as a shipping box.

Fees For Return of Ineligible Items

If the item returned is ineligible for return, Chemo Savvy will notify the customer if possible and hold the item for 60 days. Customer will pay any costs to have the item returned to them. After 60 days the items will be donated to the American Cancer Society.


To return an eligible item, package it securely for shipping, along with instructions on what you want done. On the bottom right side of your Invoice/Receipt or Packing Slip is a return address label. Cut along the dotted lines and affix it to the outside of your package. You may return the items using any of the mail services and options available to you (at your expense): USPS, UPS, FEDEX, Airborne, etc. Whether you use the provided return address label or not, your name and address must be included somewhere on the package.

The following must be true:

The item is eligible for return.
The Date of Receipt is less than 10 days ago.
The item is in new condition (e.g. Can the item be sold as new?).
The item is not soiled (e.g. makeup or perfume).
The item has not acquired an odor (e.g. smoke).
The item is not damaged.
The item has not been modified in any way (e.g. combing, styling, spraying).
All tags and labels have remained attached.

Chemo Savvy will not be responsible for incorrectly addressed or incorrectly/insecurely packaged items. Chemo Savvy assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of returned items prior to their receipt by Chemo Savvy. Chemo Savvy will be the sole and final judge as to the condition of a returned item. If Chemo Savvy cannot identify the sender of a returned package, the returned items will be held for sixty days. The items will be disposed of after 60 days.

Return Address

If you return the items using the United States Postal Service (USPS), use the following address:

Chemo Savvy
PO Box 175
Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819

If you return the items using United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, Airborne or a similar service use the following address (Note: there is no USPS mail delivery to this address):

Chemo Savvy
9255 Picabo Rd
Chipita Park, CO 80809

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