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Shopping for wigs or headwear for cancer patients coping with chemotherapy hair loss?  Chemo Savvy has you covered!

Chemo Comfort. Chemo Confidence. ChemoSavvy.

Are you a cancer chemo patient dealing with chemotherapy hair loss? Do you want an attractive, durable wig, hair piece or hat that will also be gentle to your sensitive scalp? Since 1993, our mission has been to provide cancer chemo patients with the best looking and highest quality wigs, hair pieces and hats that offer the most comfort to a tender top.

Why buy your cancer wigs and headwear at Chemo Savvy?

Typical non-chemo headwear is often too itchy and uncomfortable for a sensitive scalp that is sore from cancer chemo treatments. Our wigs and headwear offer superior construction and materials, which translates to better comfort for you. Chemo patients offen wear the same wig 12 hours a day, seven days a week for six-months or more, so you need a durable wig that will last the length of your chemotherapy treatments.

Concerned about the fit of your chemo wig or hat? Try it on! Our return policy is better than most typical wig stores, you can return a wig within 30 days of purchase.

Need it now! Priority shipping and delivery means you can have your wig fast—usually within 1 – 3 business days. We’ve got you covered!



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"Dear Ms. Haas,

I just wanted to thank you for what you have done for my mother. Although I am only 15 I know that it would upset me a lot to have to shop for wigs and hats when they are so hard to find. By starting your company it has really helped my mom. (She has/is fighting cancer for the 3 rd time and just recently lost her hair due to chemo for the 2 nd time.) She found out about your company through the hospital she has had her treatments at. She really loves all your products and finds them all a more comfortable alternative to wigs. They are all very stylish too! Thank You so much."


- Lauren S.