Turbans for Cancer Patients

The need for new Headgear for Cancer patients

As wide as the choice is for cancer patients facing hair loss from chemotherapy, each option has certain drawbacks. Till now, we have discussed wigs, caps, and scarves for women who would like to conceal their hair loss. In this section, we discuss yet another option - the turban. Turbans for cancer patients have been widely used due to their unique abilities to provide complete coverage of the head unlike caps, keeping the head warm and protected (unlike scarves which are not very thick), and feeling comfortable unlike wigs which cannot be worn all the time.

In addition, tubans are relatively cheaper than wigs, which makes it appealing to those who are on a budget. Finally, turbans are exotic, and cancer patients who are already feeling low, might find it an uplifting experience to vary their looks and experiment with a different styel.

Turbans for cancer patients - A unique look

Turbans cannot be mistaken for anything else! They require more material than a usual scarf and are therefore more "full". Though traditionally turbans are always tied anew every day, most modern turbans that you buy will be ready made - merely requiring you to put them on.

The most prominent feature of the turban, and one that is sometimes used to classify them, is the knot. The fabric of each turban comes together at a particular point that can be decorative and provides a focal point for attention. The knot is usually at the front of the head. However, we do get rear tied knots as well. That gives off the pirate look!

Turbans can be made to look more modern by not being as full. Also, toning down the color by adding whites and greens remove a bit of the 'oriental' look though they still look extremely distinguished. Many famous celebrities have chosen to wear turbans to augment their character, so you're in good company!

Buying turbans

Turbans for cancer patients are quite common. If you're inclined to purchase a pricey one, you have big brand names like Prada offering their own style of turbans. The Prada ones are studded with jewels (yeah, they don't come cheap). However, you can find extremely cheap turbans as well starting from just $10!

While choosing a turban that suits your style, don't forget to choose one that has a soft fabric. Most turbans are built around an inside cover that fits snugly over your head. If you choose a turban that is specifically designed for cancer patients, then the inside cap will accommodate your scalp alone without taking into consideration your hair.

With the wide range of turbans available, you won't find it difficult to find one that suits your style. Front knot, rear knot, high turbans, low ones and those that are a cross between turbans and caps - they're all over the place. Cancer patients don't need to feel that they're without choices here and what type of headgear you get is limited only by your imagination.

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