Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients

Cancer Wigs, Coping Tips, and Chemo-Brain: Bouncing Back After Chemotherapy

chemo_wigUnfortunately, the side effects from chemotherapy are not limited to sudden hair loss, and patients often need to do more than buy an attractive cancer wig or headscarf in order to be prepared.  The more you learn about how chemo treatments may affect your body, the better prepared you will be to deal with them.



Preparing for Chemotherapy: Should you buy a cancer wig?

cancer wig to wear during chemotherapy r_lossDeciding on a cancer wig to wear during chemotherapy can be a stressful experience.  Many women are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a wig, and intend to get through chemotherapy with a headscarf or cancer hat.  Everyone’s experience with cancer hair loss is different, so it is hard to predict how long it will be before your hair grows back.  Some women feel relaxed about going “au naturel” in front of friends and family, but choose to wear a hairpiece or cancer wig when they go out in public.  So however uncomfortable you are with wigs, it is probably a good idea to have one on hand.



How to keep your cancer wig looking great!


Once you have chosen an attractive cancer wig to get you through the worst days of chemotherapy, learning how to style and care for your wig is the next step.

For proper care of your cancer wig, follow these important guidelines:

  • Use only a shampoo designed specifically for wigs
  • Before washing, always brush out any tangles and hairspray build-up
  • Never twist, rub or wring out your wig; it should always be handled gently
  • Air-dry your wig by loosely hanging it on a wig stand
  • For added luster and movement, use a professional-grade wig conditioner with Kaneka Oil
  • After spraying conditioner over the entire area, fluff your wig with a pick/comb or with your fingers.

Styling your Cancer Wig

If you buy a synthetic cancer wig, you will find it doesn’t need much styling.  The fibers of these wigs have a built-in “memory”, so you will only need to learn a few basic styling techniques to achieve a natural-looking and attractive style.


Cancer Wigs: Synthetic vs. Natural Hair

synthetic cancer wigMany women with cancer-related hair loss find it difficult to decide upon a chemotherapy wig.   In fact, the choices of wigs can seem overwhelming at first.  There are short hair styles, long curly wigs, wispy bangs and layered styles – all in a wide variety of hair colors.  But one of the biggest questions when buying a cancer wig is whether to get a synthetic or natural hair wig.


Dealing with Hair Loss due to Cancer Therapy

cancer_wig.2For some women, the thought of wearing a chemotherapy hat or cancer wig might be scarier than the starting cancer treatments. The truth is, most people think very little about hair loss until they are going through it.  When faced with the prospect of hair loss due to chemotherapy, patients often ask if anything can be done to prevent it, but unfortunately there is nothing that can stop hair loss with certain chemo drugs.

The total amount of hair loss will depend on the dose of radiation and chemotherapy and how it is administered.  If you are only receiving radiation treatments on other parts of the body and no chemotherapy, you should not expect the hair on your scalp to fall out, but most people with cancer do receive some form of chemotherapy.

Here are some things you can do prepare for eventual hair loss:


How to feel better about wearing your new Cancer Wig

When faced with the prospect of the temporary hair loss caused by chemotherapy, many women have a hard time feeling confident about their looks.  Even after purchasing a cancer wig or scarf, the prospect of going out in public and feeling “normal” is daunting.  Your choice of chemotherapy wig or scarf may be a decision you labor over for weeks, but eventually every woman finds one that suits their personal style.  One would expect that after this decision is made, women would feel relieved; but when it comes time to wear your wig for the first time a whole other set of questions crop up.


No More Bad Hair Days with your new Chemotherapy Wig

chemotherapy wig hats

If you are facing rapid hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments, it may be difficult to see anything positive in the situation.  After all, a woman’s hair is her “crowning glory”, and the thought of wearing a headscarf or chemotherapy wig may not sit well with you.  These tips will help you look at your cancer wig in a more positive light.  You may even be delighted with the compliments you receive.

Choosing a color for your chemotherapy wig should be quite simple.  Just stay as close as possible to your natural color; this probably isn’t the time to start experimenting with dramatic new shades, but you might want to try a slight change in color without subjecting yourself to an expensive salon color treatment.

Here are some tips to ensure your chemotherapy wig looks its best:


Tips for Buying Chemotherapy Wigs

When faced with hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments, many women choose to buy at least one wig, even if they plan on wearing cancer scarves or hats most of the time.  Even though your hair is certain to grow back after treatment, it may not be the same color or texture as it was before.


What is a Remy Hair Human Hair Wig?

The most expensive wigs are those that are made up of human hair. Frequently, human hair is mixed with other hair in order to lower the price, particularly in hair extensions.  However, even within human hair, there are many grades. A great deal of the variation of the value in human hair is caused due to the way it is collected and arranged. Remy hair is the most expensive and valuable type of hair.


Wigs Information - A primer

Many people dealing with cancer hair loss chose to wear a wig.  For many people this is their first experience with shopping for and chosing a wig.  First time wig buyers are often bewildered by the different types of wigs as well as how to determine which size fits them. This article aims to help beginners choose their first wig confidently.


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