Tips for Buying Chemotherapy Wigs

When faced with hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments, many women choose to buy at least one wig, even if they plan on wearing cancer scarves or hats most of the time.  Even though your hair is certain to grow back after treatment, it may not be the same color or texture as it was before.

chemotherapy wigs

Many women start wearing their hair differently before they begin cancer treatment, so it won’t be such a huge transition when they begin to lose their hair.  If your hair is long, you might consider cutting it short before treatment begins, so it will be easier to start wearing chemotherapy scarves or headcovers during treatment.  Then, once hair begins to fall out, many cancer patients have their heads shaved and start wearing a cancer wig more frequently.  Typically, hair loss starts between 7 and 21 days after treatment begins, but most women grow their hair back completely six months after their last treatment.

If you plan to buy a wig, don’t rush out and buy an expensive natural wig.  Besides being very costly, natural wigs require a lot more upkeep than synthetic wigs, and synthetic wigs look and feel like natural hair.

Also, check your insurance policy to see if they will cover a portion of the cost for a “cranial prosthesis”, or wig, and make sure you check the return policy in case you change your mind about wearing it.

Buying a cancer wig can be a very tedious process, and it may take awhile to find the perfect wig, so start shopping early and give yourself enough time to find the right one.  The more you like the cancer wig you choose, the more likely you are to feel confident wearing it.

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"Dear Ms. Haas,

I just wanted to thank you for what you have done for my mother. Although I am only 15 I know that it would upset me a lot to have to shop for wigs and hats when they are so hard to find. By starting your company it has really helped my mom. (She has/is fighting cancer for the 3 rd time and just recently lost her hair due to chemo for the 2 nd time.) She found out about your company through the hospital she has had her treatments at. She really loves all your products and finds them all a more comfortable alternative to wigs. They are all very stylish too! Thank You so much."


- Lauren S.