How to feel better about wearing your new Cancer Wig

When faced with the prospect of the temporary hair loss caused by chemotherapy, many women have a hard time feeling confident about their looks.  Even after purchasing a cancer wig or scarf, the prospect of going out in public and feeling “normal” is daunting.  Your choice of chemotherapy wig or scarf may be a decision you labor over for weeks, but eventually every woman finds one that suits their personal style.  One would expect that after this decision is made, women would feel relieved; but when it comes time to wear your wig for the first time a whole other set of questions crop up.

How will you style your wig so it looks natural?  How will you keep it looking as nice as the day you bought it?  What steps should you take to be sure it stays in place?

Styling your cancer chemotherapy wig is really quite simple.  Before you begin, always tuck any hair behind your ears.  After a significant amount of hair loss, some women find it easier to have their head shaved because it makes wearing a wig much easier.  If you find your wig doesn’t look natural enough, your hairdresser can trim the bangs to make it more suitable to your face.  On shorter wigs, try not to use a brush very often; use your fingers instead, and consider buying a special wig styling cream to hold your style in place.  To touch up the style of your wig, simply lift the hair up with a pick, and then slip the pick out so the wig doesn’t appear too full.

Before styling a long wig, remember to spray it lightly with a wig conditioning spray, and then brush from the ends to the roots. 
While the thought of losing your hair might frighten you, wearing a cancer wig does have some benefits.  For one, your hair will always look good, no matter what the weather, and it will require almost no effort.

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"I am very pleased with the Carly wig.

I am contemplating another piece & some headwear & must commend you on your immediate response & exceptional service."

- Mrs. S. S.

New Jersey