How to keep your cancer wig looking great!


Once you have chosen an attractive cancer wig to get you through the worst days of chemotherapy, learning how to style and care for your wig is the next step.

For proper care of your cancer wig, follow these important guidelines:

  • Use only a shampoo designed specifically for wigs
  • Before washing, always brush out any tangles and hairspray build-up
  • Never twist, rub or wring out your wig; it should always be handled gently
  • Air-dry your wig by loosely hanging it on a wig stand
  • For added luster and movement, use a professional-grade wig conditioner with Kaneka Oil
  • After spraying conditioner over the entire area, fluff your wig with a pick/comb or with your fingers.

Styling your Cancer Wig

If you buy a synthetic cancer wig, you will find it doesn’t need much styling.  The fibers of these wigs have a built-in “memory”, so you will only need to learn a few basic styling techniques to achieve a natural-looking and attractive style.

Most women find that it easier to style their wig while they are wearing it, rather than on styling it on a stand.  However, you may need to use a chin strap to secure the wig to your head while styling it.

Be sure to use the proper type of brush for your wig.  Brushing out your wig is done best with a wig brush, using short, lifting strokes.  This technique wakes up the fibers and keeps your wig looking fresh and natural.

If your wig needs more height, brush it first in the opposite direction and then smooth it into the desired shape.  Once you have it just how you like it, spray it into place with some wig spray, always keeping the can about 12 inches away from your head.

Before long, you will become an expert at styling and caring for your cancer wig, and you may even want to keep wearing it after your hair grows in.

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