Preparing for Chemotherapy: Should you buy a cancer wig?

cancer wig to wear during chemotherapy r_lossDeciding on a cancer wig to wear during chemotherapy can be a stressful experience.  Many women are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a wig, and intend to get through chemotherapy with a headscarf or cancer hat.  Everyone’s experience with cancer hair loss is different, so it is hard to predict how long it will be before your hair grows back.  Some women feel relaxed about going “au naturel” in front of friends and family, but choose to wear a hairpiece or cancer wig when they go out in public.  So however uncomfortable you are with wigs, it is probably a good idea to have one on hand.


Click read more for some tips for buying a cancer wig.

• Start shopping early.  Looking for a wig is always easier to do before you begin treatment.  This way, you can compare the color, texture and style of a wig to your natural hair.  Remember, your wig will fit differently once your hair starts to fall out.

• Ask for advice.  No one understands what you are going through better than other cancer patients.  Ask your oncologist, nurse or hospital social worker if they know anyone who could help. Or, participate in online forums to learn about dealing with cancer hair loss.

• Call your insurance company.  Many health insurance companies offer full or partial reimbursement for the cost of a cancer wig, and even if yours doesn’t you may still be able to write it off as a tax-deductible medical expense.

• Join a support group.  Dealing with cancer, chemotherapy and hair loss can be overwhelming and lonely.  Joining a support group is a great way to learn and share information about cancer treatments and side effects.  You will also learn a lot about buying and styling your cancer wig.

Speaking with health care professionals and other cancer patients about hair loss, gathering information, and seeing how you look in a cancer wig are the best ways to determine whether you should wear a wig during chemotherapy.

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