Human Hair Wigs versus Synthetic Wigs

Confused about the differences between choosing a human versus synthetic hair wig?  There are advantages and disadvantages for both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. This article is a quick summary of the major difference in these two types of wigs.

Human Hair Wig Advantages:

  • You can style your hair as you wish, different ways different days.

  • You can curl it.

  • You can blow dry it.

  • It's heat resistant.

  • The wig lasts longer than synthetic.

Human Hair Wig Disadvantages:

  • You have to style it regularly.

  • It is heavier.

  • The color fades over time.

  • It costs more than a synthetic wig of the same style.

Synthetic Fiber Wig Advantages:

  • They require little if any styling.

  • It retains it's style wash after wash.

  • It is light weight.

  • It is less costly than human hair.

Synthetic Fiber Wig Disadvantages:

  • The fiber is basically plastic (modacrylic fiber) and can melt if it gets too close to heat.

  • You can change the style only very minimally.

  • It doesn't last as long as a human hair wig.

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