Wigs for cancer patient hair loss

Using wigs for cancer patient hair loss

One of the most feared symptoms of cancer is hair loss. Undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment is not something that patients want known to the public, and being bald almost always raises the thought in people's mind.

Sometimes people embrace their loss of hair and come to accept it as well as people's reactions to it. However, not everyone can tolerate standing out from the crowd. Such people choose to use wigs for cancer patient hair loss. In addition to avoiding the glance of strangers, some people feel that the loss of their hair lowers their self confidence and affects their self image. Wearing a wig to cover their baldness is a natural response to the loss of their hair.

Different types of wigs to combat hair loss

There are many different wigs for cancer patient symptoms and the type of wig you choose greatly depends on the type of hair you had before your hair loss commenced. So it is important that you go to a wig specialist well before your hair actually starts to fall out. This will ensure that your wig specialist understands the type of hair had previously and will allow them to create a new wig that will be tailored for your specific hair type.

If you have trouble finding a wig specialist, ask the hospital where you're getting your chemotherapy. They will probably have tie ups with specialists who will help you with the process, and perhaps offer you a discount as well!

There are many different wigs to suit everyone's budget. Obviously you should get the best wig that you are willing to pay for since you're going to rely heavily on it for over a year or so. Most wigs aren't designed to last that long when worn continuously. In addition, wigs are generally meant for woman who already have some hair, not those who are bald. So you need to consider these factors before buying one. For example, ensure that the underside of the wig doesn't itch when you place it for long periods against your scalp.

Experts suggest that you get a wig that has a color lighter than your own. The reason is wig hair has a higher density than regular hair and so might appear darker. So to offset this, find one that is mildly lighter.

On the flip side, you might want to use this as an opportunity to go wild and try something new! Chemotherapy can really depress you and it's nice to have something fun to do while you're undergoing treatment. Many cancer patients will tell you that it's important to keep your morale up through this difficult time and adding an unusual experimental hair color to your life can really spice up your mood.

There are many tips while wearing wigs that we can cover in later articles. Watch this space for more info and advice on how to handle chemotherapy in a positive manner.

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