Donate Hair to Cancer Patients

A unique method for helping children suffering from cancer is to donate hair to them. If you are a past survivor of chemotherapy, you know how damaging the loss of hair can be to a person's self esteem. Imagine the effect it will have on a child. The hair that you donate will be carefully weaved in such a fashion that the final product is indistinguishable from natural hair!

The hair that comes from your scalp will go through many procedures before it becomes suitable for the purpose it was cut off for. It will be mixed and weaved along with the hair from other people and chemically treated in different ways. The procedure ends with a careful molding of the wig onto the scalp of the child that can take almost 2 days. The end result can be a work of art.

Unlike what you may think, you don't need to cut off all your hair if it's long. Ten inches is all you need to donate, you can leave the rest of you hair intact. You can't do it yourself of course. You will require the professional help of a hair dresser. If your regular hair dresser participates in the charity program, then they will know what to do and mail it for you as well. If not, you will have to mail it in yourself.

The hair needs to take the form of a ponytail before it is cut. This is very important, as the hair will be quite unusable in any other form. Also, it cannot be bleached as this interferes with proper chemical treatment later on. Short hairs or grey hairs are not used and are sold to commercial manufacturers, the money from which helps to defray the expenses of the wig making.

So donate hair to cancer patients today for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have done something useful and are helping a child go through one of the most difficult experiences of her life.

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