Using caps for cancer patients instead of wigs

Caps for cancer hair loss

We saw in an earlier article that using wigs to cover up your hair loss during cancer is one of the ways you can make yourself feel better during this difficult time. However, for many people, wigs are not suitable either for reasons of taste, or for the simple fact that they are uncomfortable. Some people will find that wigs itch too much, and yet others might simply feel that they're too expensive. Using caps for cancer hair loss is an effective alternative to wigs and has it's own distinct look and advantages.

Caps for Cancer patients

Benefits of using caps for cancer

Those choosing to use caps instead of wigs will find that they are simply more convenient and require far less maintenance compared to wigs. In many situations, you will find that caps confer the casual look that you are trying to achieve without drawing attention to yourself - which is usually the primary goal for those suffering from hair loss due to chemo.

Cancer caps are also cheaper and last for a longer time than wigs. As such, they are easily replaceable and changing caps to suit your mood can be an interesting experience to divert yourself with. 

Caps are also more suitable for home use instead of wigs as they are more casual and take less time to put on. One final benefit is that you can wear them while sleeping. This is handy especially when you feel uncomfortable sleeping with nothing covering your head or when your head feels cold due to lack of hair.

Considerations while choosing a cap

By far one of the most important issues determining which cap you will choose is how much of your head you want to show. Baseball caps are very casual and look great. Unfortunately they don't cover the entire head and you might not be at ease with a cap that doesn't conceal baldness. There are some caps that even come with a layer of hair underneath for a different look. However, you might just want to buy a wig instead of this and it won't solve the problem of being uncomfortable.

There are special caps that cover more of the head that usual specifically make for cancer patients and you might want to test these out. You will be able to shop online and buy them as they will not usually be available at regular stores.

If possible, find a cap that is made up of extremely soft material to reduce irritation to the sensitive scalp. This is important since if the material irritates you, you'll have to wear another layer underneath the cap like a scarf or a sleeping cap.

Ensure that you find a cap that will be appropriate in most situations. Some caps have a brim that may look out of place in areas that are shady or crowded such as a lift.

Alternatives to caps for cancer patients

There are many other solutions that make use of turbans and scarves and they are all slightly different, have their own styles and comfort levels. We will be covering them in later articles.

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