What is a Remy Hair Human Hair Wig?

The most expensive wigs are those that are made up of human hair. Frequently, human hair is mixed with other hair in order to lower the price, particularly in hair extensions.  However, even within human hair, there are many grades. A great deal of the variation of the value in human hair is caused due to the way it is collected and arranged. Remy hair is the most expensive and valuable type of hair.

The primary characteristic of Remy hair, is the fact that it is unidirectional. A single strand of hair cannot be called Remy hair. Only a bunch of hairs can be called Remy hair. The cuticles, which are the outermost layer of hair, must be in the same direction. The cuticles not only prevent damage to the hair, they also keep it from tangling when all are in the same direction.

The opposite of Remy hair is hair that is all mixed up, for example when it is "dropped" on the ground, say by a barber. In this case, the hair will fall in many directions and it is not possible to align them individually.

The hair follicle can't be used to determine direction since human hair on the head is removed leaving the follicle in the scalp.

Single drawn Remy hair is when the hair is collected all at once (say by shaving) from the scalp, resulting in both long and short hairs in the bunch. Double drawn hair is where the short strands are removed and only the long ones remain in the set.

There is some confusion of terminology as to the meaning of virgin hair, with some holding that it refers to an intact cuticle, while others claim that it means that the hair has not been processed. This leads to a diversion of opinion when it comes to colored hair which can still have it's cuticle undamaged.

In a pure sense however, virgin hair will be taken to mean "unprocessed"  meaning that colored hair is no longer virgin

The best remy hair is Indian hair due to it's strength and thinness. European hair as well as Brazilian hair are also in demand for various reasons including their ability to be used for many different types of "looks".

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